One of the biggest challenges I have as a compulsive shopper is that I have a lot of annoying that business lead me to waste a fortune on items I do not need or need. I are in this industry for years and these patterns are starting to break down my own savings quickly. If you are dealing with some of the same issues then I am going to offer you some information that will help you can get on the right path to financial freedom. A poor habit is basically a negative action pattern. For example of annoying that I have developed over the years that cost me some huge cash.

The first bad behavior that I smashed was spending money on social media websites. I spent about three hundred on 4 different social networking websites over the last year. Each one require me to pay at least 1 hour of my time by Facebook, forums, MySpace and YouTube. We would put in my personal time to each of them and come away with a more compact check every day than I would normally get when using the four social media websites.

The 2nd bad habits that cost me lots of money were linked to consuming too much and exercising inadequate. I would get home via work and eat a big dinner and next go to bed after you eat. When I arise in the morning I possess no energy because I’ve been eating excessive and exercising too little. This problem cost me about an hour and a half of my daytime which long been costing myself about one-hundred dollar.

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