The magic number is the combined number of wins by the first-place team and lo ses by the trailing team that will eliminate the trailing team from winning the division.Here is how the magic numbers for Major League Baseball’s division titles look on the morning of Sunday, Sept. 13:MORE: Ben Revere leads Blue Jays to doubleheader sweep over Yankees | Full standingsAL EastFirst-place team: Blue JaysMagic number to eliminate:2. Yankees (17)3. Rays (9)4. Orioles (8)5. Red Sox (7)AL CentralFirst-place team: RoyalsMagic number to eliminate:2. Twins (11)3. Indians (9)4. White Sox ( Roberto Alomar Jersey 6)5. Tigers (3)AL WestFirst-place team: AstrosMagic number to eliminate:2. Rangers (20)3. Angels (18)4. Mariners (13)5. A’s (6)NL EastFirst-place team: MetsMagic number to eliminate:2. Nationals (12)3. Marlins (1)4. Braves (Eliminated)5. Phillies (Eliminated)NL CentralFirst-place team: CardinalsMagic number to eliminate:2. Pirates (19)3. Cubs (16)4. Brewers (Eliminated)5. Reds (Eliminated)NL WestFirst-place team: DodgersMagic number to eliminate:2. Giants (14)3. Diamondbacks (8)4. Padres (6)5 Jose Bautista Jersey . Rockies (Eliminated)

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