Expansion has been the name of the game in profe sional sports over the last few years. The NFL is playing games in London, the NBA has long been a global enterprise, and MLB has played games as far away as Australia.Now baseball has turned its eyes to Europe.Commi sioner Rob Manfred reportedly is looking into having regular-season games there https://www.brewersedges.com/milwaukee-brewers/orlando-arcia-jersey as soon as 2019.”It’s something we’d really like to do in 2019,” Manfred said Thursday, via The A sociated Pre s. “I can’t tell you we are going to https://www.brewersedges.com/milwaukee-brewers/glenn-robinson-jersey do it. I can’t give you a percentage, but we do think it’s time, whether it’s 2019 or shortly thereafter, that we play in Europe.”Major League Baseball has been trying to expand the brand just like the NFL, with the most notable efforts coming by way of the World Baseball Cla sic. And with https://www.brewersedges.com/milwaukee-brewers/yovani-gallardo-jersey teams from countries like Israel, Italy and the Netherlands all having succe s there, the appeal of playing games in other countries has become more and more logical.Manfred has mentioned this po sibility before, raising the po sibility of games in London as early as the 2017 season. That obviously didn’t happen, but the topic is still on his mind.

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